Welcome to “Plumbobs & Bob-ombs” (formerly “A Single Winding Road”)- a home for all of my Sims 3 legacies or challenges post summer 2015. My previous projects include The Abernathy Legacy, as well as multiple random legacies and gameplay snippets on my simblr.


I first created this blog because I was unused to the posting style and community of Simblr. I can’t say I’m used to it yet, even though I’ve been using it for the past two years (currently: March 2017). Worried about an impending data implosion at Tumblr, I decided to revive this blog as a more permanent and concrete archive of my simming adventures. I’m a lot more active on my personal/fandom Tumblr and my Twitter, though I don’t spam about sims there.

I am currently playing through a multi-family project I lazily dubbed the Leap Wishes Project, so the meat of my simming activities will be focused on there. I am a persistent player, but I am unable to juggle multiple families or legacies at one time. This does mean that although I have many legacies or challenges I post, they will doubtlessly fall to the wayside.

About Me: 

I am a Canadian from the rainy city of Vancouver, and I graduated with an English degree and a Certificate in Creative Writing. Currently, I work as an ESL teacher for kids & preteens in Taiwan, and it’s both a frustrating and rewarding job. Considering I spent all my teenage years hating kids, I still wonder why I decided on this career path. I love animals, cooking, and sleeping. I either don’t touch Sims for months at a time, or play until my shoulders are hard as bricks.

I hope you enjoy your visit on my humble blog.

Simblr: simbelline



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