The Leap Wishes Project

The Leap Wishes Project (so named after a track on the Drakengard 3 OST) is a multi-family LTW legacy in which I attempt to complete every LTW in the game. I no longer call it this, because my new LTW Project is technically a separate thing, but I will not be changing the name on my blog. Too much work.

Start Date: January 27, 2019
End Date: N/A

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~Zodiac Legacy Challenge + Fruits Basket
With both the Gallant legacy and the Starling legacy abandoned for various reasons, I decided to start anew.

The Gallants and the Starlings have been abandoned due to either lack of interest or a 

~ Standard 10 Generations Legacy ~ No set legacy house ~
When I first started the LW Project, I wasn’t planning on uploading anything, but as I grew attached to the Gallant family, I started slowly documenting their lives on simblr. Though I have lost interest in this family, they still have a special place in my heart for being the start of the LW Project. With the exceptions of Generation 5 and 6 (which are just plain undocumented online), the Gallant family will remain solely on Tumblr.


~ Alphabet Legacy ~
It’s always been a goal of mine to complete an alphabet legacy, ever since reading rikkulidea‘s Laurince Legacy on LJ. The Starlings are my third attempt at completing this goal. They are the first family to start being archived on this blog, and hopefully, they won’t be the last.